Founded in 1987 and headquartered in Taipei, Taiwan, A4TECH® now is recognized as a global leader under own-brand in the computer peripheral field. With an excellent R&D team, independent core techniques, A4TECH® continues to research and develop cutting-edge products for consumer market as the discipline that it turns yesterday's fiction into today's reality. The principal lies within A4TECH® are the inception of bringing forth new ideas of innovation in technology.
In the past recent years, A4TECH® have once again innovated the impossibilities in computer peripherals, such as V-Track™ & Holeless™ engine wireless mice, of which prevents all mice issues such as short-battery lifespan, sluggish cursor and pinpoint accuracy.
With increased factory space and advanced management system, the manufacturing capacity has been further expanded to fulfill the market’s requirements for "build to order". According to the latest statistics, A4TECH made and shipped over 80 million units of various PC peripherals in 2010.
A4TECH’s manufacturing system is ISO-9001 TUV certified. In order to meet international standards, we established a perfect quality and quantity management system.
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Bloody B-070 Gaming Mouse Pad Smooth Surface - Large

Bloody Offense Armor Gaming Mat's reflex enhanced surface allows mouse to qu..


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Pokemon Pokeball Power bank (10,000mAh) -41%

Pokemon Pokeball Power bank (10,000mAh)

Description: The PokéBall Charger - Pokemon Go Power Bank Shaped like your favorite pokemon catch..

RM127 RM75