LEAGOO Brand Introduction
Practical, Affordable and Stylish
To meet the internet and international marketing demand, LEAGOO team, which relies on the rich experience in mobile spare 
no communication industry, has set up a new smartphone brand- LEAGOO in April, 2013. The brand's philosophy is "Practical,
Affordable and Stylish". Based on the research & development advantages and supply chain resources, LEAGOO team will
effort to build an international smartphone brand, just as LEAGOO brand culture: 
Along with the high-speed development of international trade and E-business, nowadays the smartphone in China has become
a bright spot on the world communication market. It’s a great opportunity for them; moreover, it’s also a huge challenge.
LEAGOO takes stability as the first priority and user experience as orientation, the aim is to provide both good products and
good service to all of their customers.
LEAGOO branding team is committed to find out all customers’ requirements on the basis of user activities, including user of
the surveys, new product trials, regularly visit and so on. The goal is to make the most suitable smartphone for the end users.
LEAGOO will not only focus on the design, research & development and production, but also pay close attention to each details
pre-sale, sale and after-sale. “To care about what end users care” is the core value of LEAGOO brand.
With the pursuit of good product design, stable performance, best user experience and the effective and innovative marketing
pattern, LEAGOO team designed the super stylish and ultra enjoy smartphone to all of their customers. LEAGOO team
will closely follow the brand culture: “Leading… Going…”
LEAGOO has many offices and direct marketing platforms around the world and also has deep corporation with many save the
internationally known internet brands. The flat channel mode is Internet Marketing & Global Distribution Service, it could not only
cost, but also enjoy a full set of after-sale service.

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